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Anytime correct score meaning

Meaning of anytime correct score would result in your predicted scoreline cropping up only once during the game on the team you've backed.

Anytime correct score is a way to predict a score without needing the football match to finish the way you've predicted. All that needs to happen is the correct score you predicted will happen within the 90 minutes of the match; regardless if the team go on to score more goals or concede.

If you are interested in predicting the correct score of a football game after the 90 minutes rule... plus added time, then this option is a safe bet.

And because its a little easier to win then predicting the correct score only, the odds are not as generous, so instead would require a high scoring game to be selected.

To win at the anytime correct score bet; you only predict the home or away team to score say 3-2 - but if the same finishes 3-4, you still win the bet.

All that needs to happen is your prediction being correct once during the course of the game, and if it doesn't finish the way you said, you still win the bet.

This bet can also be use for a home or away win, or correct score draw.

Home or away win only

When selecting an anytime correct score you will be consequently choosing between the home or the away team to win.

If for example you chose the home team to win, then only will the home team bring you the result you need.

If selecting a correct score it only counts towards the team you've backed, you can't predict both teams for anytime correct score.

To predict a draw

Correct score does not mean a win for the home or away team, you can instead select a draw if you believe that's the way the game will finish.

Again, its much easier to select a correct score on the anytime correct score bet as its highly likely both teams will score if past form is anything to go by.

If you do select anytime correct score, know that once a team goes ahead - say 3-0 or 2-0 - on a 3-3 o 2-2 anytime correct score bet, it would be an uphill struggle.

It would now require the team who are behind to score 2 to 3 goals to make up the high scoring draw you've predicted.

How the odds are effected

You may play it save yourself with a fixture that has a drab 0-0 or 1-1 all over it, but odds on lower correct scores don't make for good reading.

To receive reasonable odds on a correct score bet the bookies will only offer such odds where more goals need to be scored.

People who select this bet are likely to go for the save 2-1 for the home or away team, well the odds will slowly creep up as the predicted scoreline rises.

Well odds can be tempting on this standalone bet, take advantage of this boost bet to increase the odds on what might be poor odds on the game you've chosen.

Easier to win then outright correct scores

If you want to predict a correct scoreline then going for this easier to win anytime correct score would be a safer bet.

As this bet only requires the scoreline to show up once during the game, regardless of the final result, it more difficult predicting a correct score bet.

With a correct score only prediction your correct score must be guaranteed come the final whistle.

Whereas anytime correct score can happen within 90 minutes of the game, but not necessarily finish that way.

Reserved for top flight football only

Not a complicated bet to put on nor is it hard to understand how it works, but strangely enough a 'boosted bet' such as this is limited for top leagues only.

Well it might fall down to top leagues below - say the English Championship - you also might see the bet become available in the FA cup once the big boys enter the competition.

Unlikely bet to be available during the early stages of the season either, as bookies don't know the form of teams, so not sure how to set the odds.

Well it might be reserved for the Premier League and all top leagues in Europe only, it will be available more often as the leagues progress.


To win this bet you only need to predict the score will happen at same stage during the 90 minutes of the game, plus stoppage time.

Its a bet that can occur in the first or second half rather than limiting you options to either side of the halves.

To most people placing this bet they believe the usual 2-1 for the home or away team will happen during the course of the game, as history shows.

But bookmakers know this so the odds are not very generous.

So with that in mind, you might want to select a high scoring 3-1 or 3-2 to make the most of the boost bet in the game.

Know that if selecting either team not to score, this will reflex poorly in the odds.

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