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Do bets count in extra time

If you've bet on a result of a game or additional markets, it will only count in the normal 90 minutes of the game with the added time that's always added.

Extra time happens in football matches where a bet will be lost if the game does end up going that far. That's 90 minutes plus added time bringing the game to an end. Extra time is only used to settle deadlocks before penalties, so therefore its only found in cup games.

Not to be confused with added/stoppage time; extra time is where a game needs to be settled on the day to bring the cup fixtures to a conclusion.

That may result in a handful of games you've picked going to extra time.

Once the 90 minutes of the game has been played, plus the added time the referee adds on the end, that's it.

If your desired result doesn't come in to win the bet in this time, you've lost the bet.

Under no circumstances is it possible to win a football bet if its goes to extra time, that can only happen if you indeed have bet on the game going to extra time.

Not needed in league games

If you bet on football in the Premier League, Championship, League One, Two or the leagues below in English football, extra time is not needed.

To be clear, league games do not have extra time but it can be confused with stoppage or added time.

That comes in the first half where time is added to makeup for time wasted in the first 45 minutes.

Then the second half will probably again have added time come the end of the game, and where it ends up, its where the result stands.

Extra time in cups games

Only will you see extra time for cup games in Britains and Europe if you do bet on those competitions.

Well in the early stages the game is played again if its a draw, the second leg can bring extra time if the game is not settled - again settled with penalties if there's no winner.

If betting on football in cup games know that bets don't count when extra time comes in to play, only the 90 minutes will count with additional stoppage time.


Under no circumstances can you win a bet if it goes all the way to extra time.

To which this game would be guaranteed to be a cup game rather than a league game.

So where league games are settled on a points based system, cup games don't have such a thing, only winners and losers.

That means the game must go into extra time which is 30 minutes in total with half time at the 15 minute mark - providing there's no added time given in extra time.

If your bet is won in 90 minutes plus added time, the bet is a winner regardless of going to extra time or not.

However, if your bet is not won in the 90 minutes plus stoppage time, you can't reply on the extra time to give you more time to win - your bet would already be lost.

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