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To win from behind bet

If the team you've selected is known to go behind in a game but often come out victorious, then this bet is a must.

Placing a bet on 'to win from behind' in football would require your chosen team to go behind over the course of the game, then pull back ahead to win the match. Such circumstances only need to happen once, but may happen twice in a high scoring game, they just need to win.

Make know mistake, winning a game well coming from 1 or 2 goals down is no easy task, as reflected in the odds offered by the bookies.

When placing a win from behind bet, ideally you'd want to place the bet before the game starts to get the best odds.

Well this betting option may still be available during the early stages of the game, the in-play selection won't be available.

Instead, you'll have to select it way before the game starts as to get the best odds.

To win this bet, the team must full behind atleast once over the course of the 90 minutes, then they must come back level before scoring the winning goal.

This must happen within the 90 minute rule well extra time in cup competitions won't apply.

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