Football player taking corner

Total corners bet

To win on a total corners bet, the punter must select one from a handful of options on how many corners will be conceded over 90 minutes, but the exact number is not required.

Bet on the total number of corners conceded in a football match by selecting from the corners on an over/under system, as chosen by the bookie. This would be all corners taken from home and away team, or chosen from a set number for both teams tied together, or individually.

If you're familiar with football then you'll know where high scoring teams are pitted against each other, you can be sure there's chances to be had.

And that's where a 'total corners bet' should be seriously considered, as its possible to get over that corners taken as outlined by the bookmaker.

Pick the corners taken selection and chose from up to 6 options.

All pick's are pre-selected so there's no need to pick a certain amount of corners by you, the bookies will make up your mind here using a basic over/under system.

Skybet total corners taken screencap
Skybet selections are not set on any rules, but rather a custom selection picked by the Skybet team.

As seen in the image above, you can go for 12+ match corners or under 12 match corners as being a popular choice among punters.

Little more difficult is selecting total corners to be taken from the home or away team; as shown in the image again as 8+ corners for the home team, 6+ corners for away side.

As you can see, the odds are far better as the selection becomes more difficult to win.

Then we have the 5+ corners each team, which would require the home and away team to both concede 5 corners or more, and should be a safer bet.

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