About Us (or me rather)

My goal for Tipstr is not to offer football betting tips, but rather outline vital betting guidance before you place a but online or at the bookies.

You'll only see me write about football here, with most of sports well out of my league; in terms of knowledge and lack of interest really.

Well the web is littered with so-called tipster experts, my focus is on writing valuable football betting articles alongwithguide, how-to and general advice.

Football supporter all my life, its only during the 1999/2000 season I started supporting my home team, Hereford United - now Hereford FC - so much of my knowledge is inline with non-league football.

That's not to say I know nothing about League or Premier League football.

In fact when I'm not watching my own team, you'll find me catching up with all the latest results from the Premier League all the way down where my team currently lies, in the Vanarama National League North.

I do write the very basics for those starting out in football bets, and this is where my knowledge ends.

I'm not pretending to be a so-called expert by any means, so when I do occasional throw in a tip here and there, its only my personal opinion.