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What does EVS mean in football betting

In football betting terms, evs is the shorten word for evens, so the bookies can't decide who will be the outright winner, so they consider is an even test.

To put it lightly, EVS - or evs - is the acronym for evens, meaning the odds on that bet are even. To put that in to context, the odds will be spelt out such as 1/1. Applying odds to an EVS bet has little meaning, only the wager can double your money, odds have little say so.

If we were to be exact, EVS would actually have a full stop on the end, such as evs. - in football betting terms its simply capitalised to minimise the unnecessary characters.

Making it stand out with little confusion when its mixed in among other, shorten words.

As a matter of fact, the use of EVS gets used by all major UK bookies, making it universal so it easier on the punter to place a bet.

Whenever you see EVS on a slip, it will be in place of the Home or Away team, or the bookie will even up the possibility of a draw.

For example; the top four in the Premier League are all likely to draw one another when they come up against each other during the course of the season.

And that's especially true if its a close contest with little between them.

When the EVS option becomes available, its usually reserved for most on the outright winner in the game, and will also serve in the boost/enhanced bets.

So the betting slip will display WIN or DRAW, along with EVS in one of three options; home win, draw, away win.

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